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Engagement Photography in India | Red Veds Photography

Engagement Photography in India | Red Veds Photography

Engagement photography is one of the pre weddings shoots that a couple intends to have before the wedding day starts coming closer. Bethoral is a formal agreement between the couple during which the couple exchanges the rings, and are declared as engaged as husband and wife. Engagement photography in India is a casual setting where you have a photoshoot with your fiancé at some romantic place or a place that is of great significance in your life.

Since the ecstasy of the wedding is overwhelming and this is the time during which the couple prefers to celebrate this countdown with ideal momentum and enthusiasm.

India is a place of huge diversity and exotic places where people celebrate every function like a festival. Every wedding event in our great country is nothing less than an enormous colourful festival that is celebrated among your loved ones, relatives, and friends. So, couples hardly get time to have personal time during this great function and due to which they prefer to have a pre wedding shoot like engagement photography at some beautiful place.

If you are one of those couples who are anticipating to have an engagement ceremony, then here are some of the most stunning poses and tips while having engagement photography in India.

1. Intimate feelings -

If you are a couple who are coming together in an arranged marriage, it will be difficult for them at the beginning to have an intimate feeling unless they develop them over time. However, for those love birds who fell in love to get married, it will be easy for them to do a public display of affection during the photoshoot. They can get clicked on the engagement photography while showing PDA. It sets the romantic tone of the photoshoot apart enjoying intimacy and getting closer.

2. Outfit Change -

It is not necessary to have too fancy clothes while having engagement photography in India, it might get boring too soon. If you are a couple thinking to have engagement photography in India, then you must not think of heavy and fancily-decorated clothes for your shoot. Pickup dresses that are easy to manage and wear and that help you with comfortability. Not that makes you feel uneasy.

3. Consider having:
Casual day-date dress
Formal wear
Every day comfortable clothing
Casual capris (If the photoshoot happens to be at a beach)

4. Portraiture -

While this might be the first photoshoot of the couple, the engagement photographer should try some friendly techniques if the couple happens to be nervous. Try to have some portrait pictures on this photoshoot with your beloved. Holding each other loosely and talking to each other might get some amazing portrait pictures together.

5. Kneeling -

This is one of the most significant poses in any engagement photography. Although it is not a surprise, most of the couple tend to redo this moment to create some amazing memories and get them documented. When a person who you are in love with kneels down and proposes you for your life, it is one of the overwhelming moments of life.

Why Choose Red Veds Photography?

Red Veds is a group of young artistic photographers who are committed to capture the best moment of your life and make them lively and vivid for you. We are an exceptional group of photographer based in Chandigarh who provides you with the best photography services during the wedding ceremonies, pre wedding, engagement, bridal and fashion shoots. If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Chandigarh or engagement photographer in Delhi, then you must contact us for your requirements. We will help you in delivering all these needs impactfully.