A brief history of Bathinda and its traditional wedding photography

The city of Bathinda was named after the Bhati Rajput kings. It is one of the oldest cities in Punjab, India. A distance of 225 km separates Chandigarh from this city. There are many famous lakes in Bathinda, and the city was also referred to as Tabar-e-Hind (or Tabarhindh), which means the gateway to India. The Qila Mubarak fort in Bathinda was the prison of Razia Sultan, the first empress of India.

A prominent city famous for its two thermal power plants, Bathinda is now home to the largest oil refinery in the country, NFL (fertilizer factory), the zoo, and the historical Qila Mubarak fort. A large part of the region around Bathinda is in grapes’ growing area, as well as one of the largest cotton belts in the world. A large railway junction is also located here. Besides a domestic airport, Bathinda city also has a railway station. Punjab’s education capital is the largest city in the state.
Bathinda is one of the best destinations for destination weddings due to its great hotels and resorts. There are several local wedding rituals, such as Rokka, Tikka, Mangni, Sagai, Sangeet, Mehendi, Jaagon, which make up the main wedding customs. Weddings in Bathinda are most popular between September and November and February and March.

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