Have you been thinking about getting married in India? Would you like to have a destination wedding? Looking for a photographer who can capture your wedding day in the most distinctive way possible? For professional photographers in the region, Red Veds is the best option. Red Veds is capable of photographing any event, no matter how shallow or deep.

The most sought-after name for Wedding, Pre-Wedding & Family Portraits, Red Veds travels everywhere to create stunning images & videos for our clients. Photographs will remain a very important part of your wedding day for generations to come if you work with Red Veds.


Pre-wedding photographs are extremely important once your wedding is officially announced. During your wedding, you will have your first opportunity to have your photos taken professionally, and you can take full advantage of this opportunity. Your fiance and you can take advantage of the pre-wedding session before the wedding.

Despite the fact that some couples feel it’s a waste of time or isn’t necessary, there are a number of valuable reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity. Pre-wedding photoshoots are important for the following reasons:

This is a great opportunity for you to get to know your photographer
It will allow you to reconnect and get to know one another better
Before the wedding, you’ll see professional pictures of yourselves
The photos you take will be useful in the months leading up to your wedding

We encourage you to get creative, have some fun, and go out with us. At the end of the day, you’ll be the ones to benefit. In order to be successful on your wedding day, it’s essential for you to know and like your vendors, especially the photographer. This will allow you to focus on what really matters—each other.

You will have the diversity of creative art you are looking for in your home with pre-wedding photographs.


Looking for a wedding photographer in Patiala or any other city in Punjab & Chandigarh region of India? You don’t need to look any further. The Red Veds Wedding & Pre-Wedding photographers Mohit Bhardwaj, will document your wedding day in the most unforgettable and beautiful ways. Assuring you get those best heroic photographs that tell your story is our goal at Red Veds. We aren’t playing games here. It is Red Veds that you are working with directly. What makes that so important to you? You’ll have your wedding photographers team with you for the whole day, unlike all your other vendors.

We strongly believe it is extremely important that the person you hire to capture one of the most important moments in your life is also the person you shared all your creative ideas with before you were married.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Almost every newlywed wishes they’d spent more money on their wedding photographer, according to their friends. What’s the reason? In the end, your wedding photography is all that will remain to remember your special day.