5 Unique Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas for Lovely Couple

So you have been looking for pre wedding shoot ideas all over the internet but unfortunately, you only found about poses that were too common or themes that were too mainstream. Well, worry not because we have brought you some of the most interesting and unique pre wedding shoot ideas that you would definitely want to try. 

Before going into lengths about different pre wedding photoshoot inspirations, let’s just talk a little bit about the whole trend and why it means so much to so many couples. Nowadays, while planning for a wedding, along with other things, couples also plan for a pre wedding photoshoot which wasn’t the case five to ten years ago. 

Moreover, such kind of photoshoots is rather popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. So, those couples looking forward to creating some exciting timeless memories go for a pre wedding shoot. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas –

Now, if you are going to tie the knot and going for a pre wedding shoot then we’d totally recommend you to go for it. Given below are some of the pre wedding shoot ideas that you can use to amplify your shoot and have a collection of some really beautiful pictures. 

1. Show the Heights of your Love 

If you want some majestic shots then you can use this pre wedding shoot idea. Hike to a mountain top with your lover in arms and find that one peak that gives you the most beautiful view. Trust us, you will get some really amazing pictures. You can easily find such places in Himachal Pradesh, Dehradun, and Madhya Pradesh. 

2. Nothing can go wrong with Taj

One of the most serene and romantic pre wedding photoshoot ideas is to use Taj Mahal as your backdrop. Taj has this peace and beauty that just enhances a photograph. Since it resembles love and commitment, you will really have an amazing time shooting there. 

3. Why not try a fort?

The best part about living in this country is that it has a history, a history that saw so many rulers and conquerors. Even though they are gone, they left behind their legacy in the form of forts. And there are literally so many of them. Go to Jaipur and you will have an amazing time doing a pre wedding shoot there.

4. Befriend a camel or a horse maybe?

If you want to up your pre wedding shoot game then maybe you can try including an animal. The good news is, you can find camels in places like Jaipur and Rajasthan. You can try different poses or maybe the one mentioned here. 

5. Tried a theme yet?

One of the best pre wedding shoot ideas one can give you a going with a theme. You can try out a theme like the one here. You can also try different themes like a Halloween theme, college theme, cosplay, etc. 

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