Harpreet & Khushdil  By Red Veds Photography

Harpreet & Khushdil #Hardilkhush


-When”Vaqeelan di Kuddi met Jattan da Munda”


This story starts with us meeting the Bride on the first Cocktail Night. Yes you read it right.. The first cocktail night. When we first saw the venue the house of the bride it was like 2200 hours and the place looked beautiful. The ambiance was bright and yellow. The bride looked beautiful and was having a charming vibes. She was carrying a wide smile and was greeting everyone with heart full of emotions. Her father and her brother were greeting the guests at the entry and along with some drinks the night fell into the most interesting part of the day. The Bolliyan. Punjabis tend to get creative with that . 

Also i would like to share an event about the same day. You know how it is in weddings everyone’s busy with their work because we need everything to be perfect? This wedding was not less but the bride was so humble we were asking her for portraits and time for that when she was like yeah okay but since you guys are saying you have already had dinner (we were lyinggg) tell me what are the dishes in today’s menu and we got blank. She was like EXACTLYY.. you’ll get pictures when you’ll eat your dinner and it was literally the cutest thing. Coming to the wedding day waking up early to the groom side with Sehra Bandi and everything almost everything was on a tight schedule we had to reach Chandigarh before 12 and had to cover a distance of roughly around 4 hours in 2.5 hours. It was amazing from the beginning till the end. I don’t know i might be falling short of words while describing it all through but it was one of the best Weddings we have captured with immense details to everything.


Bride: @harpreetk.gill


Groom: @khushdil_sandhu


Bride outfit : @patyala_royal_couture


Groom outfit : @panjab.bespoke


MUA: @triptimalhotraofficial

Photography : Sikh Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh @red_veds