What should Photographers Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 

We all know that these are tough times for every one of us, especially for people who have seen a huge impact on their business due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Wedding Photography is one of the businesses that are affected by this pandemic.

Corona Virus Impact On photographers

Photographers are getting no new shoots due to the social distancing campaign that was suggested by our Indian Government. And that’s not all, people are also canceling all their shoots that they had booked before the outbreak, just to be cautious. Going under a total lockdown is currently the best option for the country but it has also affected many Photographer’s businesses. 

But we here at Red Veds have brought some of the best tips for what a photographer should do at the time of such a lockdown.

And here are some pointers that we prepared:


As photography is a forever evolving art, a photographer should always be prepared to learn new stuff that he/she can still be relevant after years in the competitive wedding photography industry.

Hence here are some stuff that you as a photographer can learn at the time of lockdown:

1. Marketing: This is the best way to make your brand known to more and more people. You can learn about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and so on. These can help you to paint an image for your brand, as how you want people to see your brand.

Corona virus outbreak

2. New Styles of Video Editing: As you are a photographer, there are chances that you are already pretty good at video editing, but this is the time when you can broaden your skills and learn new and impressive techniques of video editing.

covid-19 outbreak in India

3. Photo Retouching: Again, in this case, you might already be very familiar with the photo retouching concept, but you can also better your skills by practicing and learning new tricks. Maybe find some new presets and editing tools to make your photo editing effective and efficient.

Indian Wedding Photography

4. Lighting: As you might already know, Photography is a game of light, Mainly the light that falls on your subject and bounces back into the camera sensor. But studying the physics of lighting, you can do some really creative and artistic photography with just the help of studio lighting.

stay home be safe


It’s not just about learning new things, it’s also about preparing for what comes next. Hence, keeping in mind what comes next for you once the lockdown has lifted you need to give a thought about:

1. Client Research: This is like market research for your brand. By this, you’ll get to know what kind of photography is most famous among people nowadays and what new styles are people trying out for their weddings are other occasions.

2. Work on Personal Projects: While working with clients all the time, photographers forget about their personal projects. But it is necessary for photographers to have personal projects going as they help a person being creative. They are unpaid projects that a person works on for their own amusement and satisfaction.

Hence these were some tips that you can follow in the time of this lockdown. And if you are someone who is looking for ideas and inspirations for a wedding shoot, then you have come to the right place. We here at Red Veds have the best portfolio prepared up for you.

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