Top Trending Mehendi Designs For All 2020 Brides

We here at Red Veds Photography are here to show you some of the hottest wedding Mehendi designs that you can go for in 2020. And the reason we decided to do that is Mehendi celebration is an important aspect of the wedding phase. And every bride wants her Mehendi to be Unique and attention-grabbing.

The Mehendi Celebration is more of a tradition that has been with us for centuries and who are we to break a tradition that has been going on for this long? 

The Brides are always excited to have Mehendi on their hands and why shouldn’t they? This tradition has been passed on all these years for all the right reasons. The Ceremony usually happens a night before the wedding. And the ceremony is not just for the bride, it is also for all the female family members of both the families. The Bride wants her Mehendi to be the most unique and special out of all and this is the reason we are here to show you some Mehendi designs that you should definitely consider before getting the Mehendi for your wedding:

1. Dulha-Dulhan Mortifs:

Every good thing tells a story. And you can have your Mehendi do the same. If you want your Mehendi to tell the story of you and your partner then this is the design that you should go for. 

2. Peacock Design:

Like we said if you are a person that appreciates nature then this might be the design for you. Let your Mehendi be as elegant as a peacock. Many people also know this design as Traditional Mehendi.

3. Bracket Arabic Design:

This is also a pattern that has taken the internet by storm. This design is one of the most famous patterns that brides are going for in the year of 2020.

4. Hashtag Mehendi Design:

Nowadays a lot of people create a hashtag for their wedding. And what can be a better way to promote your wedding hashtag then getting a temporary tattoo of it on your hand.

5. Criss Cross Net Design:

You can argue that this is one of the best looking designs that are out there. This is definitely the design that we recommend because it is a very elegant and classy looking design.

6. Lotus Design:

This might be one of the oldest but still trending designs. Brides who are looking for a more classy and old school traditional vibe go for this pattern. 

These were the top trending Mehendi designs that will definitely work for you in the year 2020. And if you are looking for some more inspiration for your wedding photography then you can go and check out our site Red Veds Photography.

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