Top 8 Poses for you to try on your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Couples want their pre wedding shoot to be distinct and eye-catching. And due to this, they are always excited to try out new and unique trends. But most couples feel nervous when it comes to poses. 

And the poses are everything. They help you tell your story to the viewer better. But not all couples are confident and certain when it comes to bursting out poses for their pre wedding photography. 

Hence we here at Red Veds Photography have been in the wedding photography game for some time now, and have done many pre wedding shoots along the way. 

So today we are going to share with you some of the best poses that will definitely work out for you on your pre wedding shoot:

The Casual Stroll

This traditionally can not be called a pose. This is more of a candid moment that you should try for your pre wedding shoot. We would strongly suggest this one if you are a couple who gets conscious and feel nervous in front of the camera.

pre wedding photography

Back Hugs are Special

Most of the things that couples do are special and so is this pose. This is one of the poses that have been with us for long but still hasn’t lost the grace. 

pre wedding photographer

The Kneel Down Moment

This is also a pose that looks very enchanting as in this, you try and recreate your proposal moment. The proposal holds a great significance, as that moment marks the beginning of a lifelong journey that you can your loved one started together.

Into the wilderness

This is a way to make your pre wedding look dreamy and surreal. For this pose, you need a beautiful location that can easily draw the viewer’s attention. Any location like a farm, jungle or a rainforest would do the trick.

The Classic “Kiss on the forehead”

This is another pose that will never lose its charm. Make sure that you have an intriguing background, but not so distracting that it takes the attention away from the couple. Choose something simple but not boring.

The “Never let me go”

Nothing can be “too cheesy” when we are talking about a pre wedding shoot poses. For this one, you and your partner have to hold hands, which says that you will never let go of each other no matter what the circumstances. And it is up to your pre wedding photographer to take things to the next level through creativity.

Side by Side

This is a pose that looks aesthetic. For this, you stand one behind the other, looking in opposite directions. This really gives an impactful look. Makes you both look like a superhero couple.

Carry Me Home

This is our all-time favorite. And it’s hardly possible to go wrong with this pose. What is special about this pose is that it has both, fun and a romantic vibe.

These were some of the poses that you should try to make your pre wedding more fun and memorable. And if you want some more inspiration, you can check out our site Red Veds Photography.

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