Harpreet & Khushdil  By Red Veds

Harpreet & Khushdil #Hardilkhush -When”Vaqeelan di Kuddi met Jattan da Munda” This story starts with us meeting the Bride on the first Cocktail Night. Yes you read it right.. The first cocktail night. When we first saw the venue the house of the bride it was like 2200 hours and the place looked beautiful. The […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hire A Pre Wedding Photographer

It’s true that with the help of Google and other convenient platforms it is now way easier to get into contact with a pre wedding photographer. But having thousands of pre wedding photographers to choose from the internet also has its disadvantages. When you have so many choices, it is always difficult to make sure […]

6 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

A Wedding is a very significant event for the bride and groom, and the photography part of the wedding is crucial as it is one of the main things that remind a couple of their special day. And it is clear that you have a lot riding on whichever photographer you choose. Hence you have […]

Harneet and Rantej || An Exuberant Sikh Wedding

Usually, Photographers shoot hundreds of weddings throughout the year and don’t seem to remember any of them. But we here at Red Veds cover the same number of weddings a year and still remember each and every one of those weddings as we not just only capture those happy moments with our cameras, we live […]

What should Photographers Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 

We all know that these are tough times for every one of us, especially for people who have seen a huge impact on their business due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Wedding Photography is one of the businesses that are affected by this pandemic. Photographers are getting no new shoots due to the social distancing […]

Indian Wedding Photography | What’s So Special About Indian Weddings

One can argue that Wedding Photography is the most special event in a person’s life. And it’s not just about the bride or the groom either In an Indian wedding, the photography is the high craze in the wedding. and both the families of the bride and the groom are involved so that every member […]

Top 8 Poses for you to try on your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Couples want their pre wedding shoot to be distinct and eye-catching. And due to this, they are always excited to try out new and unique trends. But most couples feel nervous when it comes to poses.  And the poses are everything. They help you tell your story to the viewer better. But not all couples […]

Top Trending Mehendi Designs For All 2020 Brides

We here at Red Veds Photography are here to show you some of the hottest wedding Mehendi designs that you can go for in 2020. And the reason we decided to do that is Mehendi celebration is an important aspect of the wedding phase. And every bride wants her Mehendi to be Unique and attention-grabbing. […]

Top 7 Wedding Locations in Chandigarh || Reds Veds Photography

How would you like to have your wedding at one of the happening cities in India? Chandigarh is known for its trendy people and the undying nightlife. So what place would be better to spend some of the most memorable moments of your life? We here at Red Veds photography have shot many weddings in […]

Mandy and Arun || Wedding Shoot || Red Veds Photography

We here at Red Veds Photography shoot a lot of weddings. But still, some weddings amaze us as wedding photographers. Mandy and Arun surely had one of those weddings.  The sweet couple came to us regarding their wedding photography. And we were unquestionably ready to cover their wedding.  Apart from the Wedding, Mandy also wanted […]

Raghav and Anjum || Pre Wedding Shoot || Red Veds Photography

A while back we met a lovely couple, Raghav and Anjum who got engaged at the time and wanted a pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple wanted a simple pre-wedding shoot. However, they asked us to cover their pre-wedding at a number of places. Raghav and Anjum also had prepared different outfits for all the different locations. […]